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SPB once again teamed up with strategic partner, The Clearity Foundation, with a commitment of $200,000 from 2017-2020 to support their unique focus on science and patients. As the trusted partner of patients and families throughout the ovarian cancer journey, Clearity is the only organization specializing in helping women with ovarian cancer navigate the precision medicine landscape, access potentially life-savings drugs, and become their own advocates through the Patient Portal.

Hillary Theakston, Clearity Executive Director states “Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation has been a transformative force in helping take our mission to the next level. Your generous funding commitment helped us launch our Mission Acceleration Campaign and gave our board a great boost of confidence that we could indeed make the ambitious leap that we envisioned in changing the odds for women with ovarian cancer.” Learn more about Clearity’s innovative approach and one-of-a-kind programs here.

SPB Board, Clearity Founder, Dr. Laura Shawver and Executive Director Hillary Theakston celebrate at Someone Lived in Del Mar, May 2016

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We provide grants to inspiring and innovative researchers committed to detecting and treating ovarian cancer in promising ways.

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