Research Spotlight – The Clearity Foundation

Thursday, April 16, 2015

In addition to raising awareness of ovarian cancer, funding innovative, promising research is why we’re here. Our first gift recipient of 2015 is The Clearity Foundation in San Diego. Thanks in part to supporters like you, we made a leadership gift of $200,000 payable over 2 years to support Clearity to provide more patients and their physicians with tumor profile information to inform treatment decisions. “Your support will enable us to accelerate research in partnership with preeminent medical centers to improve ovarian cancer treatment in the future,” states Hillary Theakston, Clearity’s Executive Director.

With the help of our foundation, Clearity has been working even harder to accelerate their mission, securing partnerships with such renowned institutions as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Cedars-Sinai. This summer, they will launch their very exciting Clearity Patient Portal, enabling patients with efficient access to medical records and history, profiling information, online education, and support forums. We’re pleased to be a part of this exciting work and know it will make a difference in the lives of women with ovarian cancer.

Launched in 2008, The Clearity Foundation helps ovarian cancer patients and their physicians make better-informed treatment decisions based on the molecular profile of their tumor. Their goal is to help women with recurrent ovarian cancer live longer, healthier lives through individualized treatment.

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