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What if a woman could find order and calm in a sea of ovarian cancer options?

Imagine she knows a caring expert who is ready to help navigate toward her individual vision of optimal health and fulfillment. Working as a team, they’ll shape a plan based on her point of view, her lifestyle and her realities.

Susan Poorman Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation is collaborating with The Clearity Foundation to introduce Steps Through OC: a national, nonprofit system of coordinated resources for women with ovarian cancer, their families and caregivers. Professional ovarian cancer counselors will hold a 360° view of participants' needs, offering counseling and resources that are based in science, vetted by specialists, delivered thoughtfully and tailored to each unique situation.

Steps Through OC is led by experts in ovarian cancer science, treatment management, advocacy, counseling, oncology social work and psychology. SPB Foundation has provided seed funding for a pilot phase and additional funders are encouraged to get involved. Our goal is to support physical and emotional health so people feel, function and live well with OC.

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